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Do I need a solicitor to write a will?

A common question that is asked is 'Do I need a solicitor to write a will?' - No, is the answer.

Understandably, because a will is a legal document one would think it necessary for a solicitor to write the will or give advice on the matter. While solicitors do write wills and provide advice to people on estate planning, by no means is this a legal requirement.

Making a will is one of the most important things you can do regarding your family's financial future and should be taken seriously. Therefore, I would suggest getting professional advice on the matter and make sure all documents are completed correctly. However, a solicitor is not the only means of achieving this peace of mind. Will writing services can provide you with the professional advice you need and make sure all documents are written to the correct standard and meet all legal requirements.

Why choose a will writing service?

A will writing service, like Interwill Inheritance Solutions, can make writing your will straightforward and hassle-free. I cannot speak for all will writing services, however with Interwill Inheritance Solutions you get many benefits such:

  • free home visits

  • the writing and handling of professional documents

  • safe storage options

  • lifetime advice after becoming a customer

These are just some of the benefits a will writing service offers. You do not need to go traipsing to an office as we come to you. You do not need to take time off work as we can do evenings. You know that once you become a customer you are valued and any future advice you will need is just a phone call away.

I have been will writer for many years now and pride myself on the experience of my customers. To write a will or a Lasting Power of Attorney can be quite daunting and stressful, which is why I and Interwill Inheritance Solutions aim to take all the stress away by providing the service we do.

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